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Monthly Giving Program

Monthly giving makes a big impact!

Women Against Abuse invites you to give monthly to make a meaning impact in the lives of survivors of domestic violence. Click here to get started, or keep reading for details!


Why give monthly?

When you join our Sustaining Supporters Monthly Giving Program, you help provide Women Against Abuse with the resources to plan ahead and ensure stable funding is available to meet the most pressing needs of the adults and children we serve.


How does it work?

The Sustaining Supporters Monthly Giving Program electronically transfers your donation directly from your checking or credit card account to Women Against Abuse. After the first donation has been made, subsequent transactions will occur on the business day closest to the 15th of each month (e.g. if you make your first donation on October 10, the next donation will automatically occur on November 15).

To update personal information, cancel your donation, or change your giving amount, please contact Megan Slattery at mslattery@womenagainstabuse.org or 215-386-1280 x146.


What are the advantages of giving monthly?

When you give monthly, you become part of a community of caring individuals who are helping transform the lives of domestic violence survivors. Supporters receive the following benefits:

  • A welcome kit and quarterly updates on the latest Women Against Abuse news
  • The knowledge that your monthly gift provides crucial, stable funding where we need it most
  • An annual statement to assist you with your tax preparation
  • A designated staff member who can handle any questions you may have
  • The ability to increase, decrease or cancel your pledge whenever you wish!


Give today!

Join the Sustaining Supporters Monthly Giving Program today!

Fill out this form to get started!

Thank you for your contribution!

Please contact Megan Slattery at mslattery@womenagainstabuse.org or 215-386-1280 x146 with questions or to change to your monthly giving status.


Special Thanks to Our Growing Community of
Sustaining Supporters Monthly Donors!

Tiffany Bailey
Edward Basile
Barry Becker
Sandy Brownell
Cheryl Brubaker and Meghan Kincade
Alex and Shannon Camps
Morty Cassidy
Barbara Cooke
Karlyn Cooney
Audrey Declerque
Brianna Deutsch
Tracie Dixon-Stanley
Catherine Farman
Tara Gaudin
Gloria Gay
Carmela Ruffino Gipprich
Anna Kamstra
Debra Lippitt
Martin Matlin
Gail Miller
Julie Mostov
Audrey Murga
Patrick Mundy
Susan Nelson
Renee Norris-Jones
Michelle and Kenneth Ray
Sally and Edwin Rosenthol
Robert Ryan
Stefanie Fleischer Seldin
Lonnie Snyder
Christine Stevens
Lauren Swartz John Welsh
Jojo Yawson
Katie Young Wildes