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Test Your Knowledge

Which type of abuse is occurring in each of the following situations?

Physical – Emotional – Sexual – Financial – Abuse through Technology

Situation #1

Joseph gets really upset when Sofia disagrees with him in public. Last time I saw them, he slapped her in front of us because she wanted to stay a little longer.


Physical Abuse: Joseph is using physical violence to control Sofia to make her leave when he is ready to leave.

Situation #2

Larry doesn’t want Candace to hang out with her friends or to visit her family. He says that now that they are married, he is all she needs.


Emotional Abuse: Isolation, or keeping Candace away from friends and family, is a way for Larry to gain power and control over her.

Situation #3

Moesha and Dwayne have been dating for a month. They both are in eleventh grade and have known each other for a couple of years. Last time they were alone, Dwayne asked Moesha to give him oral sex; when she refused, he said he could find another girl who would do it.


Sexual Abuse: Though Dwayne hasn’t sexually assaulted Monique, he is trying to coerce and manipulate her into doing something that she does not want to do.

Situation #4

Mrs. Brown lives in a beautiful house but never has money. She stopped working when she got pregnant with her first child, and now her husband doesn’t want her to go back to work. Every time she needs to buy something, she needs to ask him for money.


Financial Abuse: Mr. Brown is using money and finances to control his wife.

Situation #5

David texts his boyfriend, Tyron, every five minutes asking him where he is and who he is with. When Tyron doesn’t answer back, David accuses him of cheating. David also signs into Tyron’s email account without his permission, and checks his Facebook page every hour.


Abuse Through Technology: David is using technology like cell phones and the internet to control and stalk his boyfriend.