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In The News

Call Governor Corbett today and demand services for survivors of domestic violence!

The good news

The State Senate and House have both passed budgets that restore funding for human services and domestic violence (Human Services Development Fund, Homeless Assistance, County Child Welfare, Domestic Violence and General Assistance).

The bad news

The Governor is calling for $233 million in cuts to the House and Senate budget proposal! This will mean inevitably mean additional cuts to the human service programs that serve our most vulnerable citizens, including survivors of domestic violence.

Cutting human services will have debilitating consequences on much more costly systems in our State such as corrections, child welfare, hospital emergency rooms, etc., on top of the horrific human cost of destroying an already strapped social safety net.

The line items that could see directly impact Women Against Abuse’s ability to provide life-saving services for survivors of domestic violence including attorney and court advocacy representation, telephone counseling, children’s services and shelter and transitional housing.

The Senate and House have both provided recommendations to the Governor’s office that include restoring funding to human services line items, but the Governor is still calling for additional cuts.

It is time to make our voices heard – we will not stand for a budget that is balanced on the backs of our most vulnerable citizens!

Take action!

Call the Governor’s office today (717-787-2500) and urge him to increase the spend level to match the House and Senate’s budget proposal.

Tell him that cuts to human services are completely untenable in a time when we are seeing a need that is higher than ever!
Urge the Governor to offer a responsible final budget that fully restores funding for human services line items (Human Services Development Fund, Homeless Assistance, County Child Welfare) so that we are able to continue to offer services for survivors of domestic violence.

Ask the Governor to partially restore funding for General Assistance specifically for survivors of domestic violence, to ensure that this lifeline is not gone come July 1st.

Script and Talking Points for Calls

"My name is ________ and I’m calling _________ (from Women Against Abuse – the domestic violence program in Philadelphia county; as a supporter of Women Against Abuse; from Philadelphia County; as a concerned citizen of Philadelphia; on behalf of the victims of domestic violence in Pennsylvania).

"I'm calling in desperation to insist that the Governor match the spend level of the House and Senate budget proposal in order to restore funding for human services.

"The cost of providing services AND the demand for our services has increased. We have already cut core programs and lost services for victims. Our services depend on the intersection of a number of human services line items including HSDF, Homeless Assistance and County Child Welfare, and we depend on other community services that have also been cut.

"We know that you care about domestic violence victims in our community. We know that the budget reflects a still recovering economy. However, with newly elevated revenue projections, it is time to prioritize the citizens who need it most.

"Please prioritize the human services before they cripple our ability to help victims in life-threatening crises. Thank you for your attention."