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Education & Training

The Women Against Abuse Education and Training Department works to inform and intervene with the community-at-large around issues of domestic violence or intimate partner violence, and its impact on families.

The Education and Training Department offers a variety of workshops for community groups and organizations, public schools, and city agencies, including:

Domestic Violence 101

Children and Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence for Professionals

Teen Dating Violence for Teens

Teen Dating Violence for Adults

Workshops are approximately two hours long and are available in both English and Spanish.

Workshops can be customized for a variety of audiences including adults, youth and adolescents, parents, teachers and school officials, law enforcement, and other professionals.

Women Against Abuse can also customize a workshop or training to a specific issue and/or audience.

*Note: due to limited capacity, trainings are not offered for individuals.

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Hear what our workshop participants have to say!

"The kids had such a positive experience in the Healthy Relationships workshop yesterday. After talking to the children we found great areas of improvement. Most of the group were, after the completion of the session, able to define and give examples of healthy relationships; identify characteristics of unhealthy relationships/ partners; and identify abusive behaviors. Several of the children also stated that there was a lot of information that they would apply to their everyday interactions/ acquaintances as well as to their intimate relationships."                                              - Jacob E. Adeniran, Group Leader, The Fairmount Unit of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Philadelphia