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8th Grade Thank Yous!

Thank you notes written by 8th graders participating in our Education Department's in-school Students Talking About Relationships program!


Thanks for giving me good information on abuse and the warning signs to look for. - J.

Thanks for the presentation. It’s very useful since I’m in a relationship right now, so these warnings are very helpful. (Awesome game!) - I.L.

Thanks for talking about dating violence and the different types of warnings. - I.C.

Thank you for a great presentation about abuse and different kinds of abuse such as economic, sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. - B.M.

Thanks for taking a subject that can be depressing to hear/talk about, and making it easier to listen to. - R.V.


My group enjoyed your presentation and we all have our own thoughts about how we’ve enjoyed it.

What I enjoyed most about the presentation was that you talked about warning signs to look for in a relationship to protect yourself and your loved ones. - A.C.

What I’ve enjoyed about the presentation is that game about the relationships and the warning signs about abuse. - E.R.

What I enjoyed most about the presentation is that you talked about relationships: things that shouldn’t happen in relationships and things that are normal in a relationship. - K.L.

I really liked the whole activity. I found that the thing about William’s daughter is really sad. Thank You. You really gave me some ideas for the project. - R.C.


The things that we liked/learned are that there are many different signs and warnings of abuse! Also, I appreciate learning how we should recognize them and how to leave the situation and get help for those who need it. - J.

We also liked the activity about the relationships. - J.

I like the activity and how it was set up with the signs: “Great, Work on it, and Over For Sure.” - C.