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Sojourner House

Program Summary

Sojourner House, WAA's transitional housing program, provides long-term housing and supportive services to domestic violence victims. The program provides family apartments for women and their children for up to 18 months. Supportive services provided include:

  • Case management
  • Group counseling
  • On-site child care
  • After school and summer school programs
  • Economic management education
  • Parenting and life skills education

Clients can enter the long term housing facility at the recommendation of the Office of Supportive Housing after staying in the Emergency Shelter or a shelter in Philadelphia.

Program Detail

Transitional housing provides a critical stepping stone, after emergency shelter, toward safety and self-sufficiency for families who have become homeless as a result of domestic violence. Sojourner House provides a crucial link in the continuum of care for victims of domestic violence. WAA's shelter must assist residents to exit quickly in order to have room for the next person in need of emergency assistance; yet, the maximum ninety days is not enough time for many people to reach a point of living on their own. By providing the longer-term support, Sojourner House increases the chances that a family will not have to return to an abusive home and free up room in the shelter for the next person in need of services.

Sojourner House provides up to 12 families at a time with housing and supportive services for up to 18 months. Residents meet with an assigned case manager, who helps women meet self-determined housing, financial, education and career goals. Residents participate in weekly meetings that include life skills workshops on topics such as financial literacy and employment. Clients may also meet with an on-site behavioral therapist to address the impact of domestic violence on psychological well-being. Staff run children’s education services for pre-school and school-aged children through day and after-school programs. Children at Sojourner House also participate in the Young Survivor’s Summer Camp.

Renovation Project 

Currently Sojourner House is undergoing a renovation that will sustain the life of the current apartment buildings and provide three additional apartments, increasing the capacity of the program. Learn more about WAA's comprehensive renovation and expansion of Sojourner House!