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Since that time, Beth, the Director of Media Relations and Communications for Dechert LLP, has stood with survivors of domestic violence as a supporter of Women Against Abuse. 


Q: How did you come to engage with Women Against Abuse? 

A: Nearly a decade ago I worked on a special public relations project while at the Philadelphia Bar Association with [Women Against Abuse Legal Center Director] Molly Callahan – working to get the word out about a training program for lawyers to help the Women Against Abuse legal clinic. A short time later I had moved to Dechert, but Molly remembered my work when a client’s child was abducted and called to ask if I could help get a press conference set up. We were able to get all the local TV stations, radio outlets, and main press to an event where the child’s mother, Women Against Abuse officials and the police told the story. Happily, the child was found within a few days. I asked Molly what more I could do and she told me the holiday drive was in desperate need of donations. I organized some quick press interviews and then asked my friends at North Hills Country club to donate – that drive has continued for many years. A few years later when Dechert was looking for a holiday charity, I happily suggested Women Against Abuse and we’ve been successful partners ever since.


Q: How long have you been a donor and in what ways do you support WAA?

A: I’ve been a United Way supporter at Dechert since I joined the firm, and the very first year Dechert adopted the holiday drive, I coincidently got my United Way form. I asked Women Against Abuse for their number and made them my charity. It just all clicked.


Q: What motivates you and the Dechert team to give so consistently? 

A: For me personally, I think the stories I’ve heard working with staff and survivors motivate me to do anything I can for the cause. I admire the survivors so much for saying “no more” and for wanting to have a better life for themselves and their children.  The staff at Women Against Abuse is so compassionate and dedicated, they make it easy to want to be partners. I’ve been in the room several times where survivors have told their stories, or we have showed amazing videos – and the reaction from all in the room was very moving. The feeling that we are making a true difference, and making the holidays in particular better for some women and their children, is really what it is all about.  

If you or someone you know needs help, call our toll-free 24-hour Hotline:


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