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 As a result, more than 20 supporters joined our Sustaining Friends Monthly Donor Program.

In this interview, Doug opens up about his reasons for giving to Women Against Abuse:


Q: What motivated you to contribute to the mission of Women Against Abuse?

A: My motivation for contributing is my belief in the importance of the vital services they provide to women during a critical time of need. Unfortunately, there are often more women in need of WAA services than the organization has the resources to provide and I'm glad to be able to support their efforts.


Q: How do you envision continuing to utilize your success as an entrepreneur in the Philadelphia community?

A: One of the things that motivates me and the people who work for SofterWare is the opportunity to make a difference by providing technology solutions to improve the operational proficiency of our non-profit clients, such as WAA. Beyond that I see exciting opportunities to use the expertise I've developed while growing SofterWare to provide advice and assistance, as well as financial support, to many Philadelphia-area non-profits.


Q: Your contribution has helped make WAA's fundraising infrastructure more flexible and user-friendly. How do you feel about the positive effect your donation has had on the financial well-being of the organization?

A: I think like most donors the opportunity to see a direct impact from my gift is very rewarding. I'm particularly delighted that my contribution helped stimulate the success of WAA's Monthly Giving Program, which I believe will have lasting benefits for years to come.

If you or someone you know needs help, call our toll-free 24-hour Hotline:


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