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She studied dentistry with the aim of becoming a licensed practitioner in the United States. But when she arrived from her home country in 2004, her life veered out of control. All it took was on physically and emotionally abusive man—her husband. Soon after settling into their new home, everything from Dana's green card status and medical insurance became uncertain because of him.

Miles from home and without friends or family to support her, Dana turned to WAA's emergency shelter for safety. With the help of WAA staff, she was able to secure a two-bedroom apartment with a transitional housing program. She in on track to pursuing her goal of becoming a licensed US dentist, and she is currently enrolled in a Dental Assistant program. With support from WAA's Legal Center, HIAS and the Nationalities Services Center, she is obtaining a visa to stay in the country with her young daughter.

"There are no words in the dictionary to appreciate the love, affection and all that you and your institution have showered on Dana at a time when she thought it is the end of the world for her. Today with your help and able guidance Dana has been able to overcome the trauma of abuse, treachery, deceit and separation meted out by her inhuman husband and stand firmly on her feet again in life. Today with your empowerment Dana is able to lead a normal life... She is able to face the vicious solitude and rig-morals of daily life with the confidence instilled by you in her... I am sure many, many such lives receive your noble services and get back to normal life." —Dana's father

*Name changed to protect confidentiality. 

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