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Sara was pregnant and caring for her three-year old son when she entered the Women Against Abuse emergency shelter.

As an immigrant from Africa, Sara did not have family or friends nearby to rely on for support. She received legal aid from Women Against Abuse attorneys, and utilized the emergency shelter’s on-site child care services to pursue career training.

Having worked as a nurse in Africa prior to moving to the United States, Sara worked with Women Against Abuse staff members to write a resume, dress for a job interview and research available positions in her field. Staff also referred Sara to immigration service providers to receive working papers. She took a job as a home health aid and is working to complete the necessary exams and courses to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Sara received a $1,000 scholarship from the Allstate Foundation to subsidize the cost of continuing her education, and embarked on her studies at the Professional Nurses Service Training Center, Inc.

Sara is currently renting a single family home with the option to purchase. Women Against Abuse staff members helped Sara outfit her new home with furniture, and continue to offer support and encouragement as Sara makes the challenging transition to independence.

Sara’s life has changed dramatically through Women Against Abuse’s supportive services; she and her children now wake each day in a safe home, excited by their bright future.

*Name changed to maintain client anonymity.

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